Friday, May 14, 2010

different worlds

Big difference

Still, we are from different planets!

Please, talk about something!

She: "What do you feel now? What did you think when u saw me the first time? Do you miss me when I'm not around? " Women eager to know what is inside the beloved’s soul.

He : "Oh no! Only not discussion of relationship! Maybe I better tell her that my boss got me? Or about a new cool Ferrari, which I saw yesterday on the street and that I probably never will get? "

Buy while you can!

She - Shop Tour along the favorite stores – is the perfect plan for Saturday. Walk through the shopping center, try on, touch, smell ... You will probably not buy anything, but as compensation cosher up urself with latte of some cherry syrup

He - the Word "shops" and "hell" for a man are synonymous. Psychologists say: "Man does not go shopping. He just buys, and that’s it. He just does not understand what is good in shopping. The man has a purpose. For example, he knows that he needs new pants. Then he goes and buys them. "

You do not notice Anything?

She changed her hair style , bought new underwear, has lost five pounds - he had not noticed ANY-thing. At least he had not said a single word, like a compliment. It hurts terribly ... But you always notice the most minor changes in his appearance. Even the difference between morning and evening stubble on his face.

He - "What is it? Well, yes, nice ... But she's not a dog for being continually praised ... "

Why should one say "I will call you" and then just not to call?

She : "Maybe he tells the same to everyone , in order not to offend them?" You're constantly checks your mobile for missed calls, but the phone remains silent. After two days waiting you curse all the men in the world and go out with your friends in a cafe.

He: Yes, he promised to call. But now he has blockage at work, or a best friend’s birthday, or he is so tired that he could only sit in front of a TV set and mindlessly wander through the TV channels. Four days later, he remembers the promise, rings and gets surprised by your cold tone.

Call a spade a spade

She: You meet one and a half months, everything is excellent ,but he never introdused you to his friends as his girlfriend, and it really hurts... you do not understand: if you are a couple or just fellow travelers, who spend good time but for the moment? He says nothing.

He: He thinks you are a wonderful girl, with whom he feels very good (otherwise he would not be here). And he doesn’t think about anything else.

I already told you about this for 100 times!

She: You already tired of repeating that you get awfully nervous when he comes home late, that you do not like to spend each night by the TV and his resent permanent harmless flirting with other women when you're near. Your patience came to an end, and you get out.

He: "Well, whatis it now?" Why did she go? Another caprice? Of course, we had some problems, but who are not there? "

I'm dying!

She: you both caught a cold. But you haven’t buy medicines at the same time, and you continue to work heroically, to clean house and cook, but still care for him. You still, of course, love him, but such behavior you refuse to understand.

He: "Just a cold??!!! No! Most likely, this is a rare variant of bird flu, or even something worse!!! She should be happy that I had woken up in the morning, the other guys in my place would long ago have fallen into a coma! "

Hello ! Hello!

She: sometimes you think it's time to take some exotic language courses, but it is not clear - which. Otherwise, how else you can explain to him that he should take out the trash or change a light bulb? In your native language, he probably does not understand ... But how to convey that, instead of an hour of a peeling potatoes and cooking beefsteaks, you'd be happy went tonight in some cozy restaurant?

He: "And when, im sorry, she said this? I would immediately throw garbage, repair the bulb and celebrate it all in a small restaurant, if she told me straight out what she wanted. And I only remember this :"You're not helping me" and "In our relationship there became no place for a little romance..." I do not understand what it is! I do not agree! "

Just together

She :"In my view, we had not done anything together long ago. Maybe we should spend the weekend at a wellness center, or go out of town by car. Perhaps I'll call and book a room for us. He must be so happy. "

He: "What?!!!!! Weekend in the silly wellness center?!!! Reservations can not be undone? She will probably be upset if we were not going ... I have absolutely no time. Also, something knocks on the carburetor; I have to go into service! "

Saving drowning

She: you are driving on unfamiliar road ther’s no browser, and you get lost. The idea that you had in mind: to stop and ask the first man who had been caught, how to get to your destination. But nothing of the sort! Your man is sure that he is on the right track and after a minute or two you'll be on the spot! And this has been going on for over an hour ...

He : to ask someone the way? It is useless, because everything is clear! " He – is a master of the situation. Maybe he’s just found the shortest path!

Pity me ...

She: At work, everything goes wrong, you think of the dismissal, the headmistress read a lecture in the presence of colleges, and now you want only one thing – to cry a little on your beloved’s shoulder .

He: "Any problems? It's time to act! You must talk to the boss, and if it does not work - quit and find a new job, if there's nothing you can fix in the present work. "

Cinema is not for everyone

She: a new fim has released with Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock? You wants so much to watch it, together with your beloved, preferably during the film all the time to embrace or at least holding hands!

He "Who?" Hugh Grant? I'm not a gay! No thanks, I'd better go to the new film with Jackie Chan or Bruce Willis at the worst. These guys are not likely to act in something tearful, snotty.

Give me something!

She: when your relationship had all just started, he gave the flowers and cute plush toys ... And now? Never mind. He even forgot to congratulate you on the anniversary of your meeting. Do you think that he'll no longer loves or loves less ... day by day

He "Well do I have to buy her love? Or prove mine by material means? And the dates… I have a bad memory in general. "

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