Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Follow Your Dreams

Again I'm trying to analyze something to get the right answer for Why do men and women think, act, react & SPEAK different....

Oh, I forgot to introduce myself , well....happens... :) I'm Nelly from the Earth planet, the Universe. Ive been studying gender theories since my research and I'm interested in this subject, as it becomes a part of my life. Its not something like " Hey, Ive got something that no one had talked about before "No!
Dears, it just my opinion based on different academic research papers in which I've been involving during 2 years of my Masters. Here I'm not going to penetrate into scientific terms of mysterious GENDER difference ( I've done a lot), but simply introduce the facts from ordinary lives of ordinary people.

Humans’ relationships have been the most complicated phenomena during the centuries. Who r we, how we accept ourselves, and how we express ourselves during a conversation r the basic statement-factors which have been alerting the scholars attention. The have been trying to analyse human relations from different angles ; be it lord and slave relation, be it relation between nobles or worker classes , or even taking into an account a gender factors. All the discussions and analysis have brought us to one and unique conclusion : We all want to be heard !!!

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