Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Our world needs real heroes not mystic or imaginative like in fantastic movies but real men from real life. Lately I was thinking that our everyday life somehow lacks of great acts ......of real gentlemen....yes its true. And more important that today men think there’s no need to be a gentleman, no need to show their admiration, their gratitude to women NO NEED.... and i can understand why the things are like that: Maybe because today women are different and not like they were during the KNIGTHS’ and LADIES’ times.... May be the gender revolution brought them to the equality with men....equality of rights , equality of speech . nowadays women can drive a car, can fly into the space , can take their seats in the parliament, can earn much more money than their husbands , but first of all and mostly she always remains a Woman. And may be nowadays men feel this equality status of women and they find there’s no need to protect, to show their care to this kind of strong woman, no need to fight for her, no need to solve what she wants what she feels, because the times are indeed different now. But What if every man just for a moment stops and thinks about great acts which each of them can do during the day ....what if the man helps the old woman to cross the road, what if he stops and let the woman pass the entrance first, what if he helps the old to carry the heavy bag ..And what if each of these women can feel that they r women , no matter how strong they might be seen and there is always a man who will Protect and show his care and what if the man can finally feels himself a MAN.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Do not forget people whom you love

Today i saw a movie which kept me crying through the whole final part....It was the "Hachiko: A Dog's Story"...An amazing story about a dog and his master.... about dog's loyalty, love and faith to his master....
..the screenplay is adapted from a Japanese film made 20 years ago, which itself was based on the well-known story, i would say a Legend from the 1930s about an Akita( a dog) that came to the train station in Tokyo to wait for his master every day for 10 years after the man died.

..poor doog couldnt accept that the master had been died , Hachiko couldnt accept the fact that he didnt have to meet its master in the station every day at 5 o'clock.....the whole 10 years after his death he used to come to that station.....untill he died himself too....

....its a really touching story,,, and more touchy is the fact that it is based on the real story ...
....after that movie i asked myself :'' Why people, being on a higher level of consciousness, cant be so faithfull, devoted as the dogs are....why they lie, betray, hurt, forget those ones whom they love...."...and i couldnt find the answer...the only thing which was flying in my mind were the words of one poet :
"The more I see of people, the more I like dogs".

In conclusion, I would add the phrase from that movie :" Do not forget people whom you love"...i guess this is the secret or may be even the formula of our existence.... happy

Monday, May 23, 2011

Великие мелочи

Всегда тяжело расставаться с тем, что уже вошло в твою жизнь,Великие мелочи, успевшие стать неотъемлемой частью твоего существования,становятся такими могущественными, что начинают управлять твоей судьбой, твоей жизнью, и, в конце концов, тобой. Психологи дают определение таким явлениям, называя психологической зависимостью. Да уж, еще какой! Ведь если привязываешься к чему-то или к кому-то, начинаешь любить, а начинаешь любить - значит, боишься потерять. И эта боязнь отнюдь не из за собственнических побуждений, а просто потому что ты боишься пустоты внутри себя, пустоты, которая образуется после расставания.