Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Power of Dreams

Long time ago, before I planned my visit to India, I saw a very interesting and beautiful dream, which I recognized later as a real dream. By that time I couldn't even imagine that it would become true after few months.

The dream was very colorful, full of  yellow and green colors and it was during very hot summer time. 
I was going out from the building where I lived, while going downstairs I suddenly saw a woman in Indian sari, she smiled  me and told to go with her to the corner of the building. I was a bit curious, but her smile made me trust and follow her. We entered the small room somewhere in the same building (  i was surprised, coz I'd never seen that small room before, even though i was living there since my childhood). The woman moved her hand telling me to come closer to her, and she took out some colors from her bag and told me to choose one of them. I chose the dark yellowish /orange color. Then she told me that she s going to draw on my back. I stopped for few seconds, but no one can imagine at that time what good energy was coming from that woman, and all my fears pass and i carefully sat on the chair. She started drawing on my back and when she completed, I looked at the mirror and saw a huge orange Sun on my back with a large waving  rays. The woman smiled and hugged me telling that now I can go.

A few months later in Real life in India the same Sun of the same color was drawn on my palm :)) It wasnt a back but anyway it was the Sun. The same woman with her  kind smile, which will remain with me always put mehindi on my hands. A woman who became very special to me was real. :)) At that moment when she was putting the henna & making little decorations on my hand, I suddenly remembered that dream i saw long ago, I was speechless and so much happy that i wanted to hug her and tell that i saw her in my dream once in past, but i was silent, coz it might sound not real.

The power of Dreams made me think that there is One Truth in this world: Define what  you want, believe in that, and it will come true for sure :))

with lots of love..... and the warmth of the Sun ....:)

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