Friday, April 13, 2012

Lovely Weekend

Some people think that love is just a few happy minutes, 
                                            Some people know that it can keep them happy all their life.

Some people think that love exists, 
                                            Some people know that it does.

Some people can die for love, 
                                           Some people simply kill  love.

Some people think that love cant be eternal, that it will die after some time, 
                                           Some people make it eternal.

Some people find just one  reason to quit, 
                                           Some people find just one reason to stay and make it possible.

Some people never believe in love, 
                                           Some people live by  Love.

Some people try to find love through all their life, 
                                           Some people can find through one short conversation.

Some people live to love 
                                          Some people love to live.

Some people play love 
                                          Some people (do) love.

Love is like God- no one ever seen it, but they can feel the presence inside & the things created as a result...

It's just a matter of never means that love doesn't exist., its just that not all people can let their hearts open for it. 

For some people my lines are just funny, but for others these are the truth of their Life....

Lovely weekend for All...

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