Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I chose to be happy

Recently Ive been thinking about shifting from blogger.com due to some stupid reasons, may be because going from one blog site to another is like changing a place, an apartment, or even a country, kind of running from that place where u have a lot of memories (sometimes not so happy), and trying to hide from all that, and simply seeking a safe place to start a new life. 


There are moments, days, and even years in our lives, when we stop writing, talking or even thinking. When all we need is just a simple quiet, a silence for our hearts. All those smart and philosophical thoughts  from the past become useless, and so contradictory and right at that  moment we start growing up. This process is often very painful, and it can destroy everything we've been believing to, living with, and dreaming of....almost everything. And the question "Why?" is becoming a priority among all other questions. We keep asking this question to our friends, family members, colleagues, and sometimes even to unknown passersby. We  start resemble ourselves those  poor people we used to meet during our life, who couldn't find enough strength in themselves to get over the troubles.

And we promise ourselves that this period will not be too long, and that after some time we will be fine, but as for now the only thing we want is to be far from everything. We identify ourselves with people from our favorite movies, trying to find excuses for the Life for acting with us like that, we keep telling  " well, she had the same situation, but she survived, and so will I, so will I" . It's not a depression or a stress, or something that is related to our physical state, its just a way we choose to live ... to live when the meaning of life and existence are forcefully changed. Remembering ourselves in oldie times, propagandizing our friends to keep fighting for their love and life now seems quite weird ( still somewhere deep inside we still believe in Faith).

But still we know and promise to ourselves that this period will not take too much time, and we  will survive through  the sufferings and pain, and will have a unique reincarnation ...we will do someday, in future...but as for now... I'd better tell I'm staying...

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