Thursday, February 9, 2012

Miracle in Sweets

My first exclamation in India was because of the great variety of  desserts and, in particular sweets  I saw in a window of a candy shop. These people indeed can create miracles through cooking & baking. You already face the problem of choosing  every time in every aspect of your life, and now how can you immediately decide which sweets to chose from this shop, when the view of each is attracting you :)

Well, its not surprising,  being an Eastern country India should have its rules of making sweets, cookies, and candies in its way like no other country in the world.  ;)

So, Dear readers, after my first trial of cooking an Indian food, I couldn't help myself from going to the next level - to the wonderful and miracle Indian sweets. I found the recipe from an I-net, but I did slight changes in it ;)). I promise that if You once try to taste this miracle, You will make it regularly :)) moreover if I tell that You will not put on weight, because milk and diary products are well balanced and easily absorbed ;)

All You need are:

Butter 120 g
Powdered sugar 60 g
Milk powder 220 g
Cream 30 ml of 30-33% fat
Pine nuts (nut-pine), 50 g
Cashews 20g

Mix a little melted butter with powdered sugar, milk powderAdd the cream and pine nuts. And begin to rub everything by hand, until the mixture acquires a smooth consistency. Number of powdered milk and cream may vary. The dough should be soft. 

I took the picture for the first time while cooking, I hope U will not judge so hard :))

 After that cool it a bit by putting  it into  the refrigerator for 10 minutes. Now lets model the  cubes, decorate  them with the nuts on top. Put ready candies on a plate and put them into the freezer again. Wait for 20-30 minutes until they freeze slightly.

Here we got our first Miracle :))))

Dear readers, this is the best dessert for the morning: taste it with coffee or tea, and You will understand from where it got its name :)

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