Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Love

Today on my way home I was passing by one flower-shop & noticed a phrase on the window framed “Happy Love”. Well, I guess it might have written there for a long time but I noticed it only today:)…I looked at this note and thought if there really exists Happy Love, if there is a real irresistible- conscious feeling that u can do it ?
But while I was pondering on it I caught sight of one old couple walking near that flower-shop, gently holding each other’s hands. They haven’t done anything extraordinary they simply lived the whole life together…some 50 or 60 years:). This made me to remember about my friends’ love stories, those ones who went through thick and thin, lived bad times, but they earned each other finally.
Today I want to congratulate all my friends who r in love. Guys if u r sure he/she is that into you, if u do love each other, if the only thought of being apart already causes a pain, then never let all these disappear, never burn it, u will never find it again, fight for ur love, find compromises, don’t let stupid things be so huge and meaningful to destroy the greatest feeling created somewhere high in the sky. Take care of ur love, water it like a flower, work on it & u will gain ur deserved fruits.
Never listen to anyone, do ur choice if there’s one who is worth, fight for him/her. All those who r happy to give advices to do things in their ways have no idea how it actually works, don’t listen to them.
Create ur own love story, live for it & Im sure one day it will be worthily called “Happy”, and it will be the proof for my theory and I will be blessed no matter the fact that my life is proving me the opposite :)…..I still hopelessly believe in Love. Now I’m sure that no one can ever change it. I am hopeless :)
be happy, Dears !

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